Kids? Panic!

Push the Panic! Button to instantly entertain your kids!

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"Panic aptly describes that moment when I know I need to press the kids panic button"

- Therese

Mother of two



  • Open the app, hit The Panic! Button and immediately a video of one of your child's favourite shows, songs or nursery rhymes will start!
  • No longer will that last 5 minutes at the supermarket or the last half of dinner be filled by impatient kids!
  • Give your child your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and watch them struggle to turn the video off as the Kids? Panic! control panel prevents anyone but parents from changing or closing the video! Parents must press the numbered buttons in order to unlock the controls so your child can bite, grab and throw your phone, without the video stopping! (Your phone might not be in great shape though!).
  • Once a video finishes, the next one starts immediately meaning that there will be constant child-friendly videos for as long as you need to entertain your kids!
  • Listing mode allows you to browse the latest and most popular videos or view videos by category when you can afford to be more selective. The latest videos from the official channels of many kid's entertainers are always being added!
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, with Android coming soon!


  • "Harried parents will love this instant kid-occupying app for iPhone and iPad that puts child-friendly video shorts into children’s hands." -
  • "child friendly app that provides access to video’s that are appropriate for children with instant loading of the next video which makes it perfect for those moments when you need five minutes to yourself" -
  • "Panic aptly describes that moment when I know I need to press the kids panic button. It is an absolute lifesaver when I need a quick distraction for my kids when I'm just trying to get things done" - Therese, Mother of two
  • "Wow I just love the Panic app It keeps the grand kids happy after a long day when they are waiting for their parents. In fact this app is perfect any time when they need to be amused. My 10 grandchildren all love it." - Therese, Grandmother of ten
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